For us it's all in the name:
ludere = play, facere = make.

We've been bringing pleasure into the world for over 20 years: 70,000 board games per day, 350,000 games and puzzles a week and up to 17 million board games and puzzles a year - for 200 games publishers worldwide. We are the contact partners for a complete game: Production, assembly, packaging and shipping.

With our subsidiary Ludo Packt you benefit from short communication channels, because with us everything is under one roof.

As the first games manufacturer, we are committed to ISO 9001 certification which is a global standard of quality. We produce items in accordance with ISO norm 9001, the provisions of the law and EN71. This enables our customers to have an even more transparent view of our services.

Moreover, we also want to contribute towards global, sustainable forest management which is why we have been certified by FSC and PEFC.

Our dedicated and professional staff are always looking for the best results and finding creative and functional solutions. We ensure a continuous improvement process with sustainable effects. Thus, our products retain our customer’s joy of playing even after many years.


Horst Walz

Managing Partner

Philip Menge

Commercial Director

Fabian Walz

Managing Director


Peter Schulze

Technical Director


We have earned a respected leadership role in our market. We want to continue to grow profitably and consistently, by reaching the greatest possible number of customers and achieving their highest possible satisfaction.

We continuously invest in the development of new products and production methods. We want to be
the most attractive employer, because our staff are
the key to our success.

At the same time we are building a powerful supply
chain right through to the retail trade. This is based on a EDP connection to optimize the orders and warehousing.


No matter what position you are interested in:
For us quite simply not just your qualifications are key, but also your personality.

LUDO FACT is a dynamic company with a modern image and long-standing tradition.

Regardless of what others do, we are seeking to redefine our boundaries constantly and to set new benchmarks.

Our short decision-making paths as well as flat hierarchies help with the quick implementation of your ideas and in reaching ambitious goals.

Currently open positions at LUDO FACT: