Gebäude des Brettspiele und Puzzleherstellers Ludo Fact USA in Lafayette, Indiana

Ludo Fact USA

Our full manufacturing subsidiary in Lafayette, Indiana. At this plant we also manufacture board games, jigsaw puzzles and a variety of general packaging solutions. 

Company Profile

Ludo Packt, Logistik, Jettingen, Warenannahme, Lagerung, Distribution, Kontraktlogistik

Ludo Packt

The effective solution provider for individual logistic solutions in the fulfillment area – worldwide!

Company Profile

Firmengebäude von ventoludens, erneubare Energien, regenerativ,

Vento Ludens

Planner, investor and operator of systems in the field of renewable energies, wind, hydro and photovoltaic plants.

Company Profile

Friedmann Print Data Solutions, Gebäude in Riederich

Friedmann Print Data Solutions

Friedmann Print Data Solutions is a digital printing house in Riederich. They produce brochures, books, calenders and playing cards. 

Company Profile

Firmengebäude der Oriens Karton

Oriens Karton 

Sine 2005 Oriens Karton has been our joint venture partner in Czech Republic. One of our three production facilities is in Mnichovo Hradiště. 

Company Profile

1992-01-01: Company founded


Company founded

In 1992 Horst Walz founded the Ludo Fact company in his home town of Jettingen-Scheppach.

1995-01-01:  Management buy-out


Management buy-out

After the buy-out in 1995 Horst Walz is the sole shareholder of Ludo Fact.

1995-01-01: Erstes Spiel des Jahres


Erstes Spiel des Jahres

Settlers of Catan becomes the Game of the Year, the first for Ludo Fact. The start of a long tradition!

1996-01-01: Founding of vento ludens


Founding of vento ludens

The step towards clean energy: Horst Walz founded vento ludens, a company for environmentally-friendly energy production.

2005-01-01: O.K. Czech Republic


O.K. Czech Republic

LUDO FACT launches joint venture with Oriens Karton, Czech Republic.

2008-01-01: Ludo Fact Asia


Ludo Fact Asia

Expansion of the company into Asia – China.

2010-01-01: Acquisition of the printing company Walcher & Rees


Acquisition of the printing company Walcher & Rees

Because of its strategical importance for our supply, we bought the distressed company.

2016-01-01: Sale of Walcher & Rees


Sale of Walcher & Rees

After the successful restructuring of the company we have decided to sell.

2016-01-01: Establishing Ludo Fact USA


Establishing Ludo Fact USA

Our new production facility in the US. It is our goal to serve our costumers with all Ludo Fact benefits, exceptional production quality and logistics directly from Indiana.

2017-01-01: Friedmann Print Data Solutions


Friedmann Print Data Solutions

Ludo Fact takes over the majority of shares in Friedmann Print Data Solutions.

2000-01-01: Founding of Ludo Packt


Founding of Ludo Packt

Expansion of the company with its own logistics park and a high-bay warehouse.

1997-01-01: Erster Windpark Dittersdorf


Erster Windpark Dittersdorf

Der erste Windpark geht in Betrieb: Dittersdorf unter Strom!

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