Ludo Packt GmbH & Co. KG

Hauptstraße 105, D-89343 Jettingen-Scheppach




Hochregal, Ludo Packt, Lagerung, Distribution, Jettingen



Kontraktlogistik, Ludo Packt, Jettingen

Contract Logistics

Whether storage, commissioning, packing of displays and product ranges, quality assurance, contract logistics, cross-docking, as well as procurement and shipping: We operate internationally on land, air and sea.

We store the smallest up to the largest quantity in block storage or high-bay storage technology and work with different packaging and safeguarding machines.

Also at Ludo Packt a multilingual team of competent skilled employees ensures consistant quality throughout all processes. This is guaranteed by our effective and comprehensive IT system with MDE-supported processes. In addition, we are a company with apprenticeships and so pass on our long-standing experience and know-how to the next Ludo Packt generations.

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